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    Proptech Landscape in Asia (Select Examples). Over the years, many proptech companies have emerged in Asia to solve specific pain points in the real estate industry. The startups highlighted by the red doted boxes have really offered a faster, cheaper and better alternative to traditional real...
  • What We Do

    Stirling Capital Advisory is an independent advisory firm in Asia focused on providing companies with research and consulting services to investors, corporates, and innovators

    Services Offered

    Consultancy services:

    - Market intelligence (Market update, Ecosystem, Competitors, Market history)

    - Blockchain Consulting (Usage of blockchain technology in solving industry painpoints)

    - Research and Strategy Development for a specific geography or asset class
    - Market entry strategies and project feasibility studies
    - Asset positioning/repositioning for Real estate
    - Risks assessment (Pre- transaction Due-diligence and Enhanced Due-diligence)

    - Business plan coaching, review and write up for new ventures
    - Expert consultations over the phone / online
    - Bespoke research reports

    - Digital transformation advisory (Real estate, Fintech Verticals)

    Investment Advisory Services:

    - Capital Introduction to latter stage technology companies (Series B and beyond) or corporate ventures (Due to COVID-19, this service will be available based on certain geographies)
    - Mandated search for VC/Corporate Clients to source high potential, early-stage prop-tech companies (Pre Series A to Series B) in Asia for strategic partnership or potential investment/acquisition

    - GP / LP mapping for institutional real estate players in Asia. (Investor research and profile write up)

  • Who We Are

    We are an independent research and consultancy firm in Asia with a strong focus on providing both traditional advisory and leveraging our partners to provide innovative solutions for Clients

    Joseph Kim, based in Hong Kong, is currently the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Stirling Capital Advisory

    He has a background and expertise in 3 major verticals in Asia: Real estate, Technology and Business Intelligence.


    He has extensive real estate experience in Asia (13yrs+) covering major markets in Asia (Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia) and is unique in possessing both buy-side and sell-side experience, across the full spectrum of real estate (design, investment, development, asset management, capital raising, and disposition)


    Prior to founding SCA, he has advised companies such as Kakao, Wanxiang Group, and other high profile startups in the blockchain and fintech space in Asia. He scaled SCA from embedded contract consulting work to a multi-mandate advisory practice in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. He also co-founded a Nordic startup focused VC firm in Asia with a former senior executive of a leading VC fund from China.


    In the past, he held a dual role as Head of China Capital Markets Research head and also a director of capital markets advisory at JLL. Joseph started his career at a Goldman Sachs backed Private Equity fund, founded by the ex-chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia, and progressed to the level of a real estate private equity fund manager by the time of his departure. He was instrumental to its Japan aged care housing strategy which yielded over USD 70 Mil dollars of feeds across the tenure of its suite of funds.

    Real Estate

    • Real estate GP’s and LP’s in Asia mapping, strategy research and best in class manager case studies for a global management consulting company client in NY. The Client was able to put together a summary for a US based asset manager who was evaluating a strategy for a RE FoF platform. 
    • Data-driven asset management strategy research and recommendation for a Hong Kong based REIT with a large shopping mall portfolio. The module helped the Client understand the hierarchy of operational data that was relevant to marketing and revenue optimization strategy.

    Technology / Tech Investment Advisory​

    • Business process mapping and design for a blockchain-powered RMBS / CMBS mortgage data storage and analysis platform by a large Chinese Fintech unicorn which also has a virtual bank license in Hong Kong. The Client was able to win a mandate from an international commercial bank to trial its first service with a live mortgage portfolio.
    • Partnership mapping and strategic partnership candidate search for a fintech subsidiary of Kakao corp. I was able to connect the Client with a Shanghai-listed conglomerate which also had a fintech business that had potential synergies with the Client's business.
    • Business plan design for an on-demand co-working solution in F&B spaces. The client was able to put a business plan together to fill under-utilized F&B seats with co-working demand
    • Benchmarking and competitor analysis of voice assisted AI hardware products in Korea: Conducted public record research and expert interviews to obtain insights and synthesized findings for a UK based venture capital firm client.
    • Cross border payment apps study: I carried out market research, benchmarking and product strategy recommendation for cross-border payments apps for a fintech client based in Australia.

    Business Intelligence​

    • Embedded contract work with a global business intelligence, fraud and forensics company’s Shanghai and Hong Kong office to assist them with business development into private equity clients with pre-transaction business intelligence, counterparty risk assessment and cross border market intelligence services. Managed a team of 23 to originate and complete over 50 complex assignments, which was an increase of 30% revenues.
    • Upgrading KYC, red flag check services through working with a technology vendor. Researched, shortlisted and interviewed vendors who were willing to white label their technology services to integrate into the Client’s basic due diligence services. Provided a recommendation to senior management which trialed the technology through a mandate.
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    Project Scoping and Agreement

    We work closely with you to ensure our scope covers your inquiry. Also, we will make sure the scope is practical and economical



    We will make sure our final deliverable addresses the project scope and is presented to you on time

  • Strategic Partners / Clients

    Our Clients and Strategic Partners are all at the forefront in their market tangents

    Global platform for early-stage startups and forward-thinking enterprise companies owned and operated by WeWork

    Leading Chinese Conglomerate which owns interests in real estate, technology, healthcare, media, leisure, pharmaceuticals and financial services

    A joint venture between a legendary Silicon valley venture capital firm and a renowned Chinese venture capital firm

    Chinese Fintech Unicorn - Owned by the Ping An Group

    A Fintech company that is trying to disrupt online wealth management and financial product innovations

    Chinese Fintech Unicorn - Owned by the Ping An Group

    A Fintech company that is disrupting traditional financial services

    Leading German Private Bank - est. 1796

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