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Proptech Landscape in Asia

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"The increased awareness by traditional Asian real estate players to engage in innovation have supported the emergence and growth of proptech startups"

Proptech Landscape in Asia (Select Examples). Over the years, many proptech companies have emerged in Asia to solve specific pain points in the real estate industry.

The startups highlighted by the red doted boxes have really offered a faster, cheaper and better alternative to traditional real estate services in the market or have better-addressed niche market segments that were underserved.

It is not a coincidence that some of those startups have raised significant amount of capital from investors such as KKR, Mindworks Ventures, Sequoia, Allianz X, Mitsubishi estate and are on their way to become unicorns - which is a rarity for proptech startups in general.

Look forward to seeing more proptech startups in the space and also seeing more corporates taking an interest in engaging these solutions. This is the best type of support that traditional real estate companies can provide to encourage more innovation in the industry.

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